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Loss of my hero

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Off topic, but I lost my childhood hero; and a man I have always admired as an athlete and as a person--Ernie Banks died at 83. Growing up in a suburb of Chicago and my Dad a Cub fanatic, I was seven when Ernie came to the Cubs and I loved watching him for his 19 years with the Cubs--and loving his sunny disposition and great attitude about life. Mr. Wrigley was approached by the general manager of the Cubs in Ernie`s last years with a proposed deal for Ernie that would bring four players to the Cubs--and Mr. Wrigley said "Are you nuts? I`m not the owner who will let Ernie Banks leave the Cubs---the fans would want to hang me!"  Even fans of opposing teams that I`ve met and talked with was always rooting for Ernie.  However, in everything I`m reading today about his death, his wife and friends said he was ready to go and was content with his life  ---and of course, his statue outside Wrigley field will be there for everyone .


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Very nice tribute, Jon. I didn't realize he had played for the Monarchs until reading through some of the obits this morning. 

Michael DeShazo

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What a wonderful human being! Not only a slugger with huge number of home runs as a short stop but also a great fielder.  Always enjoyed listening to Lou  Boudreau and Jack Brickhouse at night on the clear channel WGN.   


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Looking through a past issue of Time magazine in my doctor's waiting room, there was a picture of and obituary for Ernie Banks. Mentioned was Banks' enthusiasm for the game and his perennial affability. It is easy to see how he was admired for his athletic ability and his positive attitude. A genuine nice guy at a time when nice guys seem to be at a premium. (except for the ones we have on this forum)