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The Monogram 4

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Ed Kasprowicz

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I finally broke down and bought the last Monogram 4 movie set. I tagged it onto an Amazon order of Legos for my Grandson's birthday as a little treat for myself. So far, I've watched the first 3 movies and have been somewhat amazed by the quality of the restored films. The picture is so much better than my old VHS tapes, that it's almost like seeing these movies for the first time. I'll be watching the last movie, Golden Eye, soon, and I'm looking forward to seeing it without the "emergency broadcast system warning" the interrupts my old copy in the middle of the movie. Aren't we about due for the remaining Chan films to be released on DVD? ...Ed K.


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i agree. I just watched cc murder cruise on dvd and it was a great treat not to fast forward through the commercials. My vhs tapes were copies i made off of USA network back when they were showing chan films