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The Case of the Disappearing DVD Recorder

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Here is a great article on DVD recorders. I didn't know that the era of widespread video recording of TV, cable and satellite programs onto a tape or disc format is coming to an end. Cable and satellite providers are moving to a record once or never record protection on content. Which means that you can record once to your DVR but never to DVD.

I can still record TCM but I can't record anything off the premium channels.



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interesting, thx.


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I'm going to do some testing today to see if I can get around this.   Maybe use a ram or rw disc to record that reburn on computer?



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today I hooked up my Video Magic DVD  black box between the uverse box video out and the dvd recorder video in.  I copied a movie from the uverse dvr that previously was flagged as copy protected and not allowed.   Looks like maybe there is a fix after all.