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Has this board died?

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John Cucinotta

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Right now, there is some activity on the old Board, and I tried to direct the person who posted the message to try to get to this Board.


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Linking the Chan sites through a single log in may not be practical, but it might be beneficial to have a page of links to other Chan websites.  Several other Chan sites were mentioned, but I am not familiar with some of them.  A set of links would make it easy to check them out.  Ideally, other sites would also have links to this board. 


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Maybe a Charlie Chan fakebook page IS the solution. Personally, I spend most of my on-line time there, looking for an intelligent, thought-provoking post (without much success).   ::)

Bob Andersen

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There are a couple of Charlie Chan community pages on facebook, but I don't think there's an actual Charlie Chan Group where discussions are held and membership is maintained.