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Charlie Chan and Christmas

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John Cucinotta

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Merry Christmas to all who read this Board.   Even though this site has become quiet, i still have many fond memories of the lively discussions we used to have on this Board.  I remember a discussion years ago, trying to remember Christmas references in Chan films or other similar mystery films such as Mr. Moto.  I can think of two such Christmas references:

1.  In "CC at the Olympics", Charlie receives tickets to the Opening Ceremonies of the 1936 Berlin Olympics from a man who is unknown to him.  Lee cautions Charlie about accepting gifts from a stranger.  Charlie replies that he has never seen Santa Claus, but accepts gifts from him.

2.  In "CC in Monte Carlo", Charlie and Inspector Joubert are questioning the murder suspects, including Evelyn Gray, a woman who seems quite wealthy but has no visible source of income.  Inspector Joubert makes reference to her unexplained wealth, and reminds her that "there are no Christmas trees in Monte Carlo".

Can anyone remember any more Christmas references, either in a Chan film, or another similar mystery?

Ed Kasprowicz

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Those are the only ones I can think of, too.
The Thin Man was set during the Christmas season and had so many scenes of trees, shopping, parties, etc.
Merry Christmas to the Charlie Chan Message Board gang!

...Ed K.


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Merry Christmas!


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happy new year to all 8)