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How Does A Detective Find the Missing Fans of Charlie Chan?

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Ed Kasprowicz

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Hi OldMovieFan... You've found your way to my favorite message board of all time. It's home to the nicest people you'll ever meet on the internet, and has been like that for well over 20 years. When Kurt first started the board, Chan movies were relatively hard to come by. But, with the spread of the world wide web, more and more of us found this site and met here every day for years to discuss and promote our favorite fictional and film detective. We demonstrated that there was still a demand for these great old films, and the 6 original novels that they were based on. Eventually, the movies reappeared on television, and the books saw a few reprintings. Best of all, the surviving films were re-released with special additions like original trailers, interviews, still, and promotional bits, making them available for viewing whenever one got the urge. Sadly, four of the original Fox movies starring Warner Oland, did not survive a fire at the studio vaults. Just as sadly, many of the original board members and contributors, have joined the cast and crew members in what we all hope is a better place. That said, let me be the first to welcome you to our group. Together, we make a formidable team who can probably answer almost any question you might have on the subject of Charlie Chan. We're also not to shabby on other mystery and detective films and stories, as well as horror movies, serials, and early sci-fi. So, ask question, state your opinions, or describe any Chan memorabilia that you might own. You're amongst kindred spirits, and friends  ...Ed Kasprowicz