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Patricia Morison (Holmes Dressed to Kill) appears in new documentary

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Steve O

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Last Monday HBO premiered a new documentary hosted by Carl Reiner, a sprightly youngster at 95, featuring people, some well known, some not, who are living active lives at 90 or later.   One of those featured was Patricia Morison who was 101 when her segment was filmed (she's now 102).  She didn't mention her appearance with Basil Rathbone but did discuss an awkward encounter with a nude Yul Brynner in his dressing room. 

Other well known celebrities featured were Mel Brooks, Norman Lear, Betty White, Kirk Douglas (who now wears a ponytail at 100) and some truly amazing non famous ladies in their late 90s/early 100s who are into yoga and running.

It's an entertaining and inspiring 90 minute show and if you're like me, you'll wind up embarrassed at how much better shape these people are than I am.  It's called "If You're Not in the Obits, Eat Breakfast"


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very interesting. i thought a few of the mentioned names were already dead