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WoW!! Chris these are wonderful, and a BIG Hello to the Judge. :) Nice to see the CC message board hopping with images and comments, and many posters! : D I'll have to check out some of the BBC mysteries you spoke of Judge. I've been busy the past few days and just logged in to see many more of Chris's collection. Never been to the facebook stuff, not much in social media outside of the CC board. TYSM for all the reading and viewing tonight.

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Plus Monte Carlo Bonus Glass Slide...
And Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (1937)...
Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937)...
And Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937)….
Seeing these in color are really nice

thanks again
And another glass slide for good measure...
Hi: Cards from Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936) are extremely hard to come by, one presumes for two reasons: 1) it is often regarded as the best Chan film; and more importantly 2) it has horror icon Boris Karloff and as result is much sought after by collectors of that genre. I have only seen two Title Cards from that title and do not have a good image of either. What I do have is what is probably the best scene card in that it shows both Oland and Karloff. There are only two such scenes in the set and in the other it is Oland and Karloff in a medium close-up facing off (the film billed them as Oland versus Karloff)...I like this one instead as it shows Karloff in the costume he wears in the Opera performance. Chris.
HI John: I do not have Charlie Mitchells book but I read somewhere that in current reviews of the time the reviewers were very complimentary of how the two characters played by Oland as Chan and the Chinese cook were quite different and very well done. The scene card I posted above is mine that I overpaid for at a Heritage Auction some years ago. Chris.
Hello, everyone.   Beautiful lobby cards, Chris, and thanks again for sharing.  The scene card from "CC's Courage" depicting the parrot looked familiar to me, and I showed it to my wife.  She remembers this original lobby card being for auction on eBay several years ago. 

In Charlie Mitchell's book, which I no longer possess, I think he comments that "CC's Courage" is the lost film that he would most like to see, since Charlie is "undercover" pretending to be a servant for much of the story, and it would be interesting to see how differently Oland played this part. 
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