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General Discussion / Re: TCM MOVIE UPDATE
« Last post by rodb on May 02, 2019, 01:10:27 pm »
yes indeed

torys mystery movies along with movies from doug palmer.

before that i got a bunch of chan  movies from golden age video.
The amazing thing is that all of my movies are still holding up on the VHS format. i hate to think about switching all of them over to dvd.  it would be nice if TCM would start to show these again ; thus bringing more fans back to a great mystery series
Glad you are enjoying the posts is my next contribution, a Title Card from Charlie Chan's Courage (1934). Cards from this film are rare but they seem to show up more often than from any other "lost" Chan film. I have actually seen all the scene cards for this title, unlike some of the earlier films. This film was based on the Biggers novel "The Chinese Parrot" and there is one scene card in which the parrot appears!
Chris, thanks for posting these images.  They have renewed my interest in trying to collect more lobby cards.  The card for "CC's Greatest Case" is very colorful, and Oland looks a bit slimmer than in his later Chan films !
I do not have an image of the title card for Charlie Chan's Greatest Case (1933) based on the Bigger's first Chan novel House Without a Key, although I once saw one pictured in a very small digital image about 20 years ago from I believe an ebay listing -- it is a bit mundane in design as I recall. Regardless, beyond that example I had never seen any actual scene cards or images until about four years ago. As I indicated above, I believe cards from this title are the rarest of all Olands. Bruce Hershenson at notes that this lobby set was issued by Fox as part of an experiment with using very thin paper and as a result the cards are easily damaged -- so that may account for their rarity. Anyway, I attach here an image of one of the scenes I have images of from a card that came from the famous Morris Everett lobby collection auctioned by Profiles in History, California. He had many rare Chan cards. Chris.
Hi: I have never seen in person or an image of the Title Card for Charlie Chan's Chance (1932) -- gives idea of rarity -- so have no idea what it looks like...but I include here an image of one of the other lobbies, a nice portrait card, which to date I have never seen illustrated anywhere -- not a great quality image but it is a great card. Chris.
Hi John:
I used to be a major collector of lobby cards from all mystery/thriller/detective/spy series films (including Chans, which were my favourites) and had several thousand cards overall that I amassed over about 25 years.  I still have a few Chan cards I keep for old times sake in what I am calling my "permanent collection" but I have auctioned off many of my cards or sold cards to dealers and other collectors that I know privately or generally via ebay.

I sold and continue to sell cards via consignment to Bruce Hershenson's online site at I have always found him the most trustworthy auction outlet with accurate descriptions, great packing, etc. Some of the Olands I consigned, notably title cards and cards from the lost films, made what must be considered record prices. I thought I had overpaid for those via major auction houses, dealers, ebay sellers, etc. (I have never found any in antique malls, local collectibles shows and such although I keep trying even now) but the prices many sell for now are astounding -- I tell people if they were that expensive when I collected I would never have been able to buy any! On the other hand, recently I have seen several cards listed in Bruce's and various other auctions from the later films, notably the Monograms, and the prices seem to be coming down on those...I guess many collectors are getting older and realizing it is time to sell.

Old habits do die hard and depending upon price, I will buy the odd card for my permanent collection, notably ones I have looked for and usually never seen in my many years of collecting. I would love to find any card from The Case of the Howling Dog (Perry Mason Series) or Murder on the Blackboard (Hildegarde Withers series), two films for which I have never seen a lobby card and indeed, no posters other than I think one mini-lobby card for Howling Dog. I might be tempted to bid by a decent Chan Black Camel card as I have always been outbid -- Black Camel cards are also rare but they are not the rarest Fox Chan title -- I think Charlie Chan's Greatest Case cards are the rarest of all Oland titles.
Hi, Chris.  Thanks for sharing the images of the lobby cards.  Did you have original lobby cards from these films?  Years ago, when the Internet was young and I found this site, I decided to try to obtain a lobby card from each Chan film.  I visited all of the antique dealers in my area, and I went to many regional antique sales and old garage sales.  I was fortunately able to obtain original lobby cards for about 15 Chan films, mostly Toler and Winters movies.  The Oland lobby cards, of course, are older and harder to find, and probably fewer of them are still in existence.  I have tried eBay and other Internet retail sources, but the prices are sky-high.  Lobby card reproductions, of course, are much cheaper, and are a collection alternative, but do you have any other suggestions about where original Chan lobby cards might be available? 
General Discussion / Re: TCM MOVIE UPDATE
« Last post by John Cucinotta on April 29, 2019, 01:08:49 pm »
I bought a collection of Falcon movies years ago from Tory's Mystery Movies.  (If you remember that name, you are an "old-timer" like me).  I watched a few of the movies years ago, and I remember enjoying them.  This series is definitely worth watching, especially if you enjoy similar series, such as The Saint and Bulldog Drummond.
Here is another
General Discussion / Re: How Does A Detective Find the Missing Fans of Charlie Chan?
« Last post by rodb on April 29, 2019, 07:43:09 am »
very nice to to see these cards again

thank you
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