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HI John:

Yes, I should rewatch them too as I have not done so for  a long time and I do have the commercial releases although I have not had a chance to watch them! They could have better plots because they are mainly reworking of earlier films including two in the Mr. Wong series (Chinese Ring is a reworking of Mr. Wong in Chinatown and Docks of New Orleans is a reworking of Mr. Wong, Detective) while The Feathered Serpent is a reworking of a Three Mesquiteers western called Riders of the Whistling Skull -- although the screenplay writers can be listed as by different people on these films Scott Dunlop was involved in most.

My only contact with the late Ken Hanke who wrote a book on the Chan films was to provide him with a copy of Riders of the Whistling Skull, which I had sought out to see how it compared with The Feathered Serpent -- he had never seen it. Anyway, I am reminded of someone's comment in one of the mystery movies' books of when Toler took over the role from Oland: Toler was not as good an actor so they tried to make up for it by improving the plots and although I am an Oland fan I do like the plots of films such as Treasure Island, Wax Museum and Castle in the Desert which unlike several other Toler entries, are not reworkings of original Earl Derr Biggers novels.

With that...Sky Dragon (1949) Title card to end the real series....
Chris, looking at these lobby cards featuring Roland Winters stimulated an interest in watching a few of his movies this past week.  I re-watched "The Shanghai Chest" and "The Docks of New Orleans".  Although I think that Winters is the weakest Chan actor, I think these films have better scripts than many of the Toler Monogram movies.   
The Feathered Serpent (1948) Title Card...
The Golden Eye (1948) Title Card...
The Shanghai Chest (1948) Title Card...I think this is one of the best designed Monogram cards or at least, I like the look of it...
General Discussion / Re: CC Character Actors in other films
« Last post by Chris Ellis on June 06, 2019, 10:18:53 am »
Coincidentally, I just watched last night an early 1990s video on You-Tube about the making of Diamonds are Forever and Marc Lawrence, looking a  little older, was one of the people they briefly interviewed reminiscing about the making of that film.
General Discussion / Re: CC Character Actors in other films
« Last post by Ed Kasprowicz on June 05, 2019, 01:57:40 pm »
Mark Lawrence was in a at least two of the Bond films...  Diamonds are Forever, The Man with the Golden Gun.  ...Ed K.
I don't think that anyone is going to mistake the Monograms for The Black Camel, ot Treasure Island. ... Ed K.
Docks of New Orleans (1948) Title Card...
First Winters film Title Card...The Chinese Ring (1947)...
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