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Now that we are politely criticizing the Monogram films, another element that I don't like is the prolonged search scenes in dark basements, warehouses, etc.  These scenes often give Birmingham or Chattanooga an opportunity to provide a little comic relief, but they seem to drag on too long at times. 
Yep, these films are full of bloopers! title card: Black Magic (1944)...
There are other aspects of the Monogram films that show low-budget production.  For example, in "CC in the Secret Service", the action supposedly takes place in Washington DC, but the building in which Charlie works has a California state flag flying outside, so no one bothered to either change the flag for the movie or at least change the camera angle to omit seeing the flag.  Also, the scene showing Charlie leaving work and heading to the murder scene must have been filed on a weekend, since the lobby of a supposed federal office building is completely empty except for Charlie.
The Chinese Cat (1944)..actually like this design....
I opined several times on this site on the old days how much I did not like the Monogram films as a whole (despite this I am such a completist I collected the lobby cards!) but agree that this one is, along with the Trap, the ultimate worst Chan film. I had to rewind the film the first time I saw it after the guy in and out of the wheel chair fiasco to make sure I was not losing my senses....and as I recall Chan goes into a federal building at one point that is flying the California state flag....the Monogram films are riddled with very unconvincing murder devices or plot twists as well as bloopers but Service tops most!
I remember The first time I saw "CC in the Secret Service", and I was very disappointed with the quality of this film.  There is a shallow, boring story line with several odd characters that don't seem like they could be friends with the scientist.   Also, there are other aspects of the plot that are unrealistic.  For example, the magnetic device used by the killer makes no scientific sense, because a magnet that strong would attract every piece of metal in the room, and not just the gun.  There is also a big blooper in the film (don't read beyond this point if you haven't yet seen the film) - the man who is supposedly crippled in the wheelchair is briefly seen standing up next to the piano in an early scene in the movie, long before Chan tricks him into showing that he is not really crippled.   Fortunately, the Monogram films did improve after this first effort, which I think is one of the weaker Chan films.
I figure I will go for broke and show the Monogram cards too....Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944)...
General Discussion / CC Character Actors in other films
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Was watching The Amazing Mr.  Williams  and saw many people from the CC series  ( Don Beddoe, Donald McBride, John Hale etc...) and Has anybody seen my Gal with  Lynn Bari.  Both are great films  and show the quality acting these supporting characters did. Anyone else notice some Actors in recent viewing of films or television shows? What is your opinion of these skills of those who portrayed people in our Humble Detective films?  ::)

And Castle in the Desert (1942)….guess one could tell it was the end of the Fox series as Charlie Chan is mot mentioned in any sizeable way (only in the very fine print!)….
Charlie Chan in Rio (1941) noted above, cards from this entry seem to be more common than for most other Fox Chan films...
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