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Yes I remember Jillian, she wo9uld attend the films on Monday night "Review" at Rush site with Virginia and the others. Nice to see some of the "old group" remember posting on CC and then coming back to get the goodie the following day...boy what a joy that was. :)

Old Movie Fan
I remember reading postings from Jillian.   I think her full name was Jillian Stone, and I think she lived and worked in a city in Manitoba, Canada, with the Royal Canadian Police.  It's been a long time since she posted anything, and my memory may be wrong !!
Hello...good to see some of the old crowd still around! Yes, I remember Jillian...she was from western Canada, I believe Alberta, and somewhat opinionated! Cheers, Chris.
I'm still around from 1997. Yes the Internet was just coming around at that time. It was quite a new experience. I remember some of the first Chan Message Board members were comparing the Chan films and we were learning where to buy these films.  I believe the Key Video videotapes were available but there were only several films at that time offered.  I do remember you guys, Henry Number One Son and Chris Ellis from the very ancient days of this site.

I remember the big dustup when the Fox Movie Channel pulled them off the cable TV because there were complaints of political incorrectness.

And does anyone remember a member who was a female Canadian Mountie ? I believe her name was Jillian but I could be wrong. 
General Discussion / Re: Porkchop 711/Chop Suey 108
« Last post by rodb on March 09, 2020, 08:01:23 am »
i still wonder who was threatening him on the boat before it sank? how was he not picked up with the others? how did the murderer know exactly when he would arrive back at the estate? i wonder if there was a book version that helped explain?

Yes, some of us are still around...I also discovered this site early and also when I first started using the web...glad to hear from you. Chris Ellis.
General Discussion / Re: Porkchop 711/Chop Suey 108
« Last post by Henry (number one son) on March 06, 2020, 10:52:36 pm »

   Re: Allen Colby... the ship he was on sunk at sea. He clung to wreckage and was picked up by another boat (without a radio to wire messages to shore) and eventually made it to the mainland. Only to be killed at his estate.
Hello fellow Chan fans. Henry (number one son in books) checking back in after a long hiatus. Yes I too was one of the originals to discover Kurt's site back in 1998. Happy to see some of the long time contributors are still around. Hard to believe it has been over 20 years since Kurt started this site. Coincidentally my finding this site coincided with my discovery of the wonders of the World Wide Web itself.

Henry (number one son in books)
General Discussion / Re: HM&M TV Cable Channel
« Last post by John Cucinotta on February 27, 2020, 09:58:59 am »
Recently, I finally had time to watch the last of the three Aurora Teagarden movies produced last summer and fall, called "A Very Foul Play".  In this movie, Aurora, her mother, her cousin Philip, and several members of the Real Murders Club are at a beautiful mountain resort attending a mystery novel convention.  Also in attendance are Lawrenceton police chief Lynn Smith and her detective-husband Arthur Smith.  There is a murder, and Aurora's cousin Philip is charged with the crime.  Aurora and her friends must solve the crime ahead of the local police, who seem certain that Philip is guilty.   This movie is different than the previous Aurora Teagarden mysteries, not only in the mountain resort setting, but also having the Lawrenceton police working with Aurora, rather than resenting her intrusion into the investigation.  This is a nice movie to watch on a cold, late winter evening, and I highly recommend the film. 

As I have previously posted, if you are new to the Aurora Teagarden Mystery series, start by watching the first film called "A Bone to Pick"' and the subsequent movies and characters will be easier to follow.
General Discussion / Charlie Chan and the New Year
« Last post by OldMovieFan on February 01, 2020, 08:26:59 am »
Another year has come and went, now with the New Year I wondered what Charlie would do for a resolution for the year? Any thoughts as we continue this wonderful site we have followed thru the old text days to the long running CC board to what we have today. I would think Charlie would think about traveling less and spending time with the Family. But, could Charlie uphold it. Hummm....

How's up next?
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