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Docks of New Orleans (1948) Title Card...
First Winters film Title Card...The Chinese Ring (1947)...
Nadir...The Trap (1947)...
Well, I did not want to be too negative but was tempted to say when I posted the lobby card that this entry was up there with Secret Service and Trap; e.g. that Dangerous Money is also a pretty bad seems we are in agreement on most of these!
I think "Dangerous Money" is a weak movie with a somewhat confusing script.  Part of the storyline centers on a Treasury agent who is killed while trailing counterfeiters, and part of the story concerns recovering valuable artwork that was hidden during World War II.  These two themes partially come together at the end of the film.  There are cast changes with Charlie working with his son Jimmy instead of Tommy who had appeared in the early Monogram films, and Chattanooga substitutes for Birmingham Brown.  I'd be interested in hearing other opinions, but I rank this film low on the list.
Dangerous Money (1946)...
Shadows Over Chinatown (1946).I found this the most difficult of the Monogram title cards to not know if that was just my luck or that it is rarer than most...
Dark Alibi (1946).
The Red Dragon (1945).
The Shanghai Cobra (1945)...a much in demand card because of the design...people seem to like the cobra!
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