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General Discussion / Re: tcm
« Last post by John Cucinotta on November 10, 2021, 07:46:33 am »
I forgot to post a message here, but a few days ago TCM showed "Before Dawn", a murder mystery from 1933.  Warner Oland has a big part in the film, playing an Eastern European doctor here in the US.  It's a good movie to watch, and it's interesting to see Oland in a different non-Asian character role.  I've seen this film listed on the TCM schedule before, so it is possibly shown several times a year.  Keep an eye on the schedule for this movie.
General Discussion / Re: tcm
« Last post by OldMovieFan on November 04, 2021, 02:37:48 pm »
I would doubt it since the last time the showed them they stopped due to protest from the Asian community :(
General Discussion / tcm
« Last post by rodb on September 08, 2021, 09:21:08 am »
Does anybody know if you request charlie chan films to show on tcm ; can they still show them?
General Discussion / OT - They Won't Believe Me (1947) now on DVD and BluRay
« Last post by GaryLeeOz on July 06, 2021, 04:03:35 am »
Not sure if many on this forum still pay much attention to recent Warner Archive releases. Anyway,  I spotted "They Won't Believe Me" (1947) with Robert Young, Susan Hayward and Jane Greer ...  now available as a "Video on Demand" DVD or BluRay. It's the 94 min version. The one I recorded years ago from TV was 91 mins and even that one was a bit longer than some of the "chopped up" versions being shown elsewhere.     
"Drums of Jeopardy" is another old Warner Oland film that I saw years ago, and I probably have an old Betamax copy somewhere in the family room closet.  Like "Before Dawn", Oland plays a sinister character.  The Russian setting in "Drums of Jeopardy" creates a different atmosphere, and this is a decent movie to watch once or twice.
I caught it earlier in the month when TCM ran it, and enjoyed it very much. It was a good, "old house" mystery, with Oland doing his usual superb acting. It reminded me of "Drums of Jeopardy."  ...Ed K.
Hi, Ed.  I haven't seen or thought about this film in many years.  Long ago, it aired on a TV station in Syracuse, and I have an old Betamax copy of the film.  Like some of his other earlier movies, Oland plays a sinister character.  The storyline is interesting, and the movie is worth watching.   
Before Dawn is also showing tomorrow, 6/3, at 6am edst. ...Ed K.

Hi friends...  TCM is running all sorts of older mystery and detective films in June. You can check the schedule on their website.  On 6/23 at 12:15pm, they've listed a film titled "Before Dawn" from 1933, featuring Warner Oland. I can't remember having seen it before, but, that just might be my little grey cells letting me down, lol. Later on that afternoon, they're airing 7 Keys to Baldpate, the 1947 version, which was written by Earl Derr Biggers.  Earlier in the month, they've scheduled a showing of one of the older versions of 7 Keys. At any rate, set your DVR's to record the ones you're so inclined. ...Ed K
General Discussion / Re: Older British Series Mysteries
« Last post by GaryLeeOz on April 07, 2021, 07:53:32 am »
Thanks for the headsup about "the League of Frightened Men". I received it in a movie swap but I don't think I've ever gotten around to watching it. I think Walter Connolly plays Nero Wolfe ... swapping his Father Brown costume for something more comfortable to wear ?

Talk about Lost films ... or more likely just long forgotten in one of Fox's movie vaults. I've been looking for the 1954 version of "Racing Blood" with Bill Williams and Jimmy Boyd (definitely not a mystery or detective movie. Just a kids movie about a thoroughbred foal secretly rescued from being "euthanised" by a little boy. I can still remember bits of that silly song that Jimmy sang when I last saw the movie on glorious B/W TV in the early 1960s. A few years ago, I thought I found a copy on a Sports themed budget DVDset but it turned out to be the more common 1936 movie with the wrong story summary and credits on the DVD cover.
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