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General Discussion / Re: Shakespeare and Hathaway
« Last post by Ed Kasprowicz on May 20, 2020, 02:40:37 pm »
We get Shakespeare and Hathaway on PBS (13) here on Cablevision. I've also gotten into Professor T., another mystery series on PBS set in Belgium, and Baptiste, set in the Netherlands. Baptiste is mostly in English, but, Prof. T. is in Flemish (I think) with subtitles. Both shows are venturing into new territory. Even my 14 year old grandson glues himself to the seat for Professor T. It's that good. Glad to hear that we're all alive and entertained in these very trying times. ...Ed K.
General Discussion / Re: Endgame
« Last post by GaryLeeOz on May 16, 2020, 12:10:14 am »
Yes I like Endgame. One of my local TV channels shows a few Canadian detective shows from time to time  eg. Murdoch Mysteries, Motive, Private Eyes (otherwise it screens mostly UK detective shows). I thought Endgame was one of the better shows with more interesting storylines. Ending after 13 episodes means that nothing about Balagan's wife's murder was really resolved ... then again I usually dislike the ongoing backstory for a long running series.
General Discussion / Endgame
« Last post by John Cucinotta on May 14, 2020, 01:29:45 pm »
On a prior thread, this Canadian TV show was mentioned.   I happened to see a DVD set for sale on eBay, and I bought it.  There are only 13 episodes, and I have seen the first four episodes.

The story centers on Arkady Balagan, a Russian chess champion.  He resides in a luxury suite at a large upscale hotel called The Huxley, located in a large unnamed city (according to, the series is produced in Vancouver, Canada).  He never leaves the hotel, after developing agoraphobia when his fiancee Rosemary was assassinated in front of the hotel.  He spends his days walking barefoot around the hotel, insulting everyone, and he makes money by playing chess matches with people.  He is apparently wealthy, but his money is tied up in foreign banks, and the hotel manager dislikes the large balance due on his hotel bill.

Balagan solves crimes as a hobby.  Since he doesn't leave the hotel, he is assisted by four other people: Danni (a beautiful barmaid at the hotel), Hugo (head of hotel security and a former detective), Alcina (a hotel chambermaid), and Sam (a college-age guy who is an aspiring chess master).  These four people do the leg-work and gather the clues for Balagan, who then solves the crime.  This set-up, of course, is similar to Nero Wolfe stories.

A side story woven into the main storyline concerns the death of Balagan's fiancee Rosemary.  Balagan thinks she was mistakenly killed by Russian agents, and that Balagan himself was the actual target.  Rosemary's sister Pippa, and her detective friend Jason are investigating the death of Rosemary, and they are featured in some of the episodes.

This is an interesting TV series, and I have enjoyed the four episodes that I have seen.  The characters are interesting, and the mysteries are well-written, considering that it is a one-hour TV show and not a full-length movie.  Mystery fans will enjoy this series.  I'm interested to hear opinions from anyone else who has seen this show.
General Discussion / Re: Shakespeare and Hathaway
« Last post by John Cucinotta on May 12, 2020, 06:18:28 am »
I'll have to see if this series is available in my area.  Ed, do you watch it on a cable network?  I have Spectrum Cable in my area, but I don't have a premium package with all of the channels.  It would be nice to watch something different, and I'm getting tired of old re-runs of Perry Mason and Law & Order !!
General Discussion / Re: Shakespeare and Hathaway
« Last post by Chris Ellis on May 09, 2020, 11:56:32 pm »
Have not been here for a while but glad to see the Judge still active with posts....we also watch Shakespeare and Hathaway and agree Patrick Walshe McBride is a hoot in any episode appearance. The first few episodes we watched from early in the series were enjoyable but the ones we are watching now from Season 2 have been uniformly excellent: quite humorous and well plotted...the series seems to get better as it proceeds. We get it up in Canada along with almost every other British mystery series ever made on either BritBox or Acorn TV. Have been watching older series I have not seen in years or never seen before such as The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown with Kenneth More, Inspector Lynley Mysteries, etc. Plenty to keep us entertained in these trying times!
General Discussion / Re: Porkchop 711/Chop Suey 108
« Last post by rodb on April 16, 2020, 08:53:01 am »

thank goodness for all of the charlie chan movies to help pass the time away during this shut down
General Discussion / Re: Porkchop 711/Chop Suey 108
« Last post by ChanPhan on April 15, 2020, 10:38:24 pm »
The radio call signs are based on a format common in the Army back then.  Fifty years ago or so, I was a platoon leader in a support company at a US Army branch school.  Our company had call signs that identified the company (the words) and position (commander, XO, etc.).  Our call sign was something like Urgent Riders so our CO was Urgent Riders 6.  As platoon leader of the 4th platoon, I was Urgent Riders 46 (Four-Six).  Later as Operations Officer for the company, I was Urgent Riders 3.  While not sure of the exact words for the support company call signs, I do know that when I assumed command of the Headquarters, Headquarters Company (HHC), I was Nifty Elbows 6.  Hey, might be a good screen name on message boards.  :)

So Pork Chop 711 and Chop Suey 108 are loosely in the format common in the Army probably going back into the 1940s and 1950s. 
General Discussion / Re: Shakespeare and Hathaway
« Last post by ChanPhan on April 15, 2020, 09:49:45 pm »
We have enjoyed S&H as well.  We watch and enjoy many British series. 
General Discussion / Shakespeare and Hathaway
« Last post by Ed Kasprowicz on March 28, 2020, 03:46:46 pm »
This is a stretch, but, the only similarity between Charlie Chan and S&H is that both Frank and Charlie are a tad overweight. That said, I've really grown to love this British series, and the characters and actors, especially Patrick Walshe McBride, who seems to have Keye Luke's ability to steal whatever scene he's in. Has anyone else seen these? ...Ed Kasprowicz
General Discussion / Re: Charlie Chan and the New Year
« Last post by Ed Kasprowicz on March 28, 2020, 03:32:18 pm »
Hi OMF... Which other mystery series do you like? Also, which of the modern series?  ... Ed K.
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