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Title: Porkchop 711/Chop Suey 108
Post by: OldMovieFan on April 07, 2019, 08:55:25 pm
Hi everyone,

Watched "Dangerous Money" last night and we've had lots of rain today so I keep thinking ....  why the code names? Do they have any military significance? Or is there other reasons to the numbers? I think pork chop is Chattanooga due to the common diet, and Chop Suey as well for Jimmy. But the numbers.... any ideas?

Old Movie Fan
Title: Re: Porkchop 711/Chop Suey 108
Post by: rodb on April 11, 2019, 03:10:02 pm
not sure of the  answer?

I am still looking for an answer on how alan colby (who was threatened on the boat) was able to get himself back to his estate to be murdered in Charlie Chan's secret?
Title: Re: Porkchop 711/Chop Suey 108
Post by: John Cucinotta on April 13, 2019, 01:12:08 pm
I haven't watched "Dangerous Money" in a long time, but I'll watch it again to refresh my memory.  I remember the use of code names when Chattanooga and Jimmy are using walkie-talkies and "investigating" the people on the ship.  I always thought that the "porkchop" and "chop suey" referred to ethnic food stereotypes, and the numbers were just added to make the code names seem more mysterious. 

There are several good books that have been written about the Chan movies.  I read these books years ago, but I don't remember this specific issue being addressed by any of the authors.  I used to have copies of "A Guide to Charlie Chan Films" by Charles Mitchell, and "The Charlie Chan Film Encyclopedia" by Dr. Howard Berlin.   Years ago, I lent these books to friends, who then lent them to other friends, etc.  (My books are probably sitting on someone's bookshelf across town, forgotten and covered with dust!)  If you can find these books, perhaps on eBay or a local used-book store, they are great reading material and supply good insight into the Chan films.
Title: Re: Porkchop 711/Chop Suey 108
Post by: OldMovieFan on April 14, 2019, 03:34:12 pm
Hi John,

I'm with you on that point, it seems likely because of all the things I have looked into show nothing otherwise.  As to rodB If I remember (and that's getting harder as life progresses) Alan got off the ship and back home.

I watched "Dark Alibi " with friends that came in from out of town last night. Boy the clarity on my new video was Awesome! What a cast of characters in this film.  But that is another discussion...I'll point to it in my next post.

TYSM for your input both of you  on this attempt to breathe life into your little home of memories of the things we enjoyed from the Honorable detective. 😏

Till next time,

Old Movie Fan